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St. James’s Village offers a unique gated community living experience between Reno and Lake Tahoe that’ll make nature a part of your St. James lifestyle. The perfect harmony of Reno-Lake Tahoe custom homes and homesites was designed to enrich the beauty of the landscape and maintain the community’s integrity.

Outside of our Reno custom homes gated community, you will appreciate the St. James lifestyle with the abundance of outdoor activities that Reno offers. From trail systems that wind throughout the village to the 30 different championship golf courses and 18 world-class ski resorts not far from your door, there is so much to do and explore. Each change of season brings forth an opportunity to get out and enjoy all of the natural beauty the surrounding area has to offer.

There are many gated communities in and around Reno, NV, but how many of them incorporate natural beauty. Your St. James lifestyle will be filled with bright sunny days and possibilities of strolling hand in hand along wooded paths. Picture checkered table cloths with picnic baskets laid out across the open meadows and beautifully blended with the community like an extension of your backyard. There are over 800 acres of untouched, open space permanently set aside for pleasure.

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Reno Lifestyle Activities Outside of St. James’s Village