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Designing Custom Homes in Reno with St. James: Embrace the Reno Lifestyle

Custom designed homes made by St. James Village.

Nestled within the exquisite Reno landscapes, St. James Village invites you to an opportunity of a lifetime – the prospect of crafting a personalized home that breathes your dreams into reality. Situated in a private, master-planned Reno gated community, St. James Village offers not just bricks-and-mortar homes, but a transformative lifestyle steeped in tranquility, privacy, and the vibrant essence of community living.

Imagine greeting the dawn each day with panoramic vistas of mountains, valleys, and sparkling lakes, all from your custom-built home that harmoniously coexists within this natural grandeur. Yet, the ethereal charm of such solitude doesn’t distance you from urban amenities. That’s precisely what awaits you when you decide to build your custom home in St. James Village – a symbiotic blend of private living and community spirit.


The Art of Crafting Custom Homes

Embarking on a journey to design a custom home can stir a mix of exhilaration and apprehension. After all, it’s not merely about assembling a structure but about creating a sanctuary that mirrors your desires, needs, and lifestyle. At St. James, we turn this challenging journey into a smooth, enriching voyage.

Our dedicated team stands beside you, guiding you through the entire process from inception to completion. We connect you with reputable architects and cost-efficient builders whose expertise lies in molding your dreams into tangible structures. Their vast experience in crafting custom homes ensures your vision is brought to life in the most professional and aesthetically pleasing manner.

St. James Village acknowledges and respects your aspirations. Our building guidelines, nestled within the CC&Rs, afford our clients the freedom to envisage and actualize unique homes that resonate with their individual tastes and style. The broad framework of these guidelines ensures that your personalized abode adheres to the community’s overall aesthetic while still retaining its distinct charm.


A Community Like No Other

St. James Village transcends the traditional concept of residential spaces—it’s a chosen lifestyle. Spread over a sprawling 1,600 acres, this master-planned community prides itself on its commitment to preserving the organic beauty and integrity of its neighborhoods. It seeks to strike a harmonious balance between the residents’ need for private spaces and the inviting warmth of community living.

Our custom homesites, each measuring at least one acre, ensure that you luxuriate in generous space without feeling disconnected from the community spirit. It’s an environment where kids can frolic freely under the watchful eyes of friendly neighbors, where evening strolls become opportunities for spontaneous, enjoyable conversations, and where the sense of belonging extends beyond your front porch.

The decision to reside in a Reno gated community unveils a plethora of benefits. St. James is a testament to that statement. Your investment here is fortified not merely by the tangible security of a gate but also by our unwavering commitment to quality and modern conveniences. Underground utilities and the vigilance of the St. James Homeowner’s Association underscore our endeavor to provide an unmatched living experience.


The Perfect Blend of Country Living and City Convenience

While St. James Village promises an idyllic sanctuary with over 800 acres reserved for leisure and recreational activities, it seamlessly integrates city conveniences within this rural tranquility. Situated within easy reach of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, your home at St. James ensures that the world is never too far away, even while it offers a serene retreat from the bustling city life.

St. James Village represents the essence of gated community living – a space where people aren’t just neighbors but friends, where community events aren’t obligatory engagements but enjoyable gatherings, and where the safety and security of gated communities foster an environment of trust and camaraderie. Your custom home at St. James becomes the hub of warmth and joy, the go-to place for family gatherings, and a symbol of affable community life.

Choosing to design your dream home in St. James Village is more than an architectural endeavor; it’s about creating a lifestyle that echoes your deepest aspirations. It’s about fostering a community where elegance meets comfort, privacy dovetails with friendliness, and dreams manifest into reality.

Regardless of whether you are an introvert who cherishes serene views from your reading nook, or an active socialite seeking a peaceful retreat after a long day of engagements, your perfect abode awaits you in St. James Village. Embark on this exciting journey today, explore our recent projects, and discover the essence of the Reno lifestyle. St. James Village is more than a destination; it’s the starting point of your dream lifestyle.


If you are looking to design your custom home in Reno, contact St. James’s Village today!

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