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5 Reasons to Build Your Custom Home in a Gated Community

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More and more families are choosing to have their dream home custom built. Not only does this give you the freedom to choose specific assets in your home, but it also makes the home unique to match your wants and needs. Having the ability to customize your home down to the color of trim is a luxury more families are seeking, and it’s easy to see why. 

With a need for new custom homes to be built in gated communities, the St. James’s Village community was developed to be more than a master plan – it’s a creation designed with you in mind. See all the benefits of building your custom home in our Reno gated community below.

#1 Added Safety

The added security measures made by gated communities makes them considerably safer than a typical neighborhood. With heavy, solid metal gates, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and on-duty security guards, you and your family can rest assured that you remain safe from potential intruders. It’s also been suggested that gated communities that monitor guests and tenants entering the community have lower crime rates than those without protective barriers. Since unapproved guests will not be granted access inside the gates, there are less reported break ins in gated communities.

You can trust us to provide added safety and privacy to you and others. 

#2 Eco-Friendly Construction

In today’s day and age, eco-friendliness plays a huge role in the housing market. Because many older homes depend on outdated technologies and systems to function, it’s less likely that they were built to be energy efficient. Fortunately, new custom built homes are constructed to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. These homes typically have options for energy-efficient appliances and applications, solar paneling, regulated water meters, better insulation options, and more.

Some other ways gated communities try to be more environmentally friendly are through limiting traffic in the community and enhanced greenery within the zone. Gated communities are less trafficked than other neighborhoods because no guests are allowed to just drive through the area. And, gated communities are usually landscaped with beautiful greenery from trees, shrubs, and other plants which contribute to better air quality. 

lake tahoe#3 Proximity to Tahoe

Nestled among the tall green pine trees, halfway between Reno and Lake Tahoe located at the foot of Mt. Rose, you will find St. James’s Village. Our private, 1,600-acre master planned residential Reno and Lake Tahoe community is just miles from the mountain slopes and lake shores. A short drive up the hill will lead to local spots that are perfect for skiing and sledding. And if you keep going just a few miles more, you’ll find the clear, pristine waters of Lake Tahoe.

Reno-Tahoe gated communities are perfect for families and lovers of the outdoors thanks to its close proximity to the lake. With the mountains right outside your window and hiking/biking trails nearby, nature completely surrounds the area around our community. 

#4 Community Experiences and Amenities

Like we said before, St. James’s Village offers a unique living experience that’ll incorporate nature into your lifestyle. You will find an abundance of outdoor activities that the area has to offer. From trail systems that wind throughout the village to the 30 different championship golf courses and 18 world-class ski resorts not far from your door, there is so much to do and explore. There are over 800 acres of untouched, open space permanently set aside for our residents to enjoy.

Our gated community in Reno, NV also boasts several extra amenities that our residents absolutely love including private hiking and biking trails, community clubhouse, fun spots for children and dogs to play, and much more. 

#5 Investment Benefits 

Gated communities and residential property values are constantly rising. These communities are highly sought-after for their increased security and unique amenities. Homes in gated communities are also highly valued since they are part of a strict HOA that requires all homes are well maintained and kept-up. Their return on investment is phenomenal and residents who plan to stay in the home forever are shocked at the quality their home keeps over time.

Our prime location and reliable builders help make St. James’s Village the best gated community to join in Reno. 

reno gated community custom homeReno Gated Community

The experience of building custom homes in Reno, NV gated communities can be life-changing. In St. James’s Village, you could be living the Reno lifestyle with custom homes and outdoor design you have always dreamt of within just a year of your homesite purchase. Our team will assist you with understanding the entire process. We will introduce you to qualified architects and cost-effective builders who have spent much time crafting custom homes in the Reno area. 

Check out our most recent Reno custom homes with a walking tour. We will be releasing new lots in November 2021.

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