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Benefits of St. James Village – The HOA

st. james hoaWhat is a Homeowners Association?

The Homeowner’s Association is one of the many benefits of St. James Village. The St. James HOA can make you feel safe knowing that your neighborhood is protected and secure being in a gated community that’s governed by a homeowners association. A homeowners association is a non-profit organization in a subdivision or planned community that makes and enforces rules for the properties and their residents.  

HOA’s require that monthly or yearly fees be paid in order to provide and support the maintenance and up-keep of the community. When you join the community of St. James’s Village, you’re not just a resident and a homeowner, but you’re also an owner of St. James’s Village. Being part of a community with a homeowners association means that you become part owner of that community.

What are the Benefits of St. James Village’s HOA?

HOA’s are created to benefit a community by providing services that sustain its well-being. The HOA at St. James’s Village is designed to help its members feel safe and secure, and also keeps the community looking and feeling its best. 

Helps Build Communities

In a community with an HOA there is a better sense of closeness with neighbors and other residents of the area. Commonly, community events are held around holidays and other special occasions that bring people together. These types of neighborhoods are very involved with their community because residents are actually a part of the HOA. The sustainability of such communities relies heavily on its residents and its members working together to create a safe and happy environment.  

Increased Sense of Security and Privacy 

St. James’s Village is a gated community that takes the extra precautions to ensure that your privacy and security are kept. Aside from being in a gated community which monitors the entrances of the community, St. James’s takes extra steps to guard your privacy in other ways. Being in a planned residential community means you don’t have to worry about neighbors building on top of your property. Your original property purchase will remain yours, allowing you to enjoy the peace and serenity of your home. Our regulations surrounding the building of new homes is lenient enough that you have creative ability to construct your dream home while also maintaining a cohesive relationship with the nature around you. 

Use of Amenitiesst. james hoa

Living in a community with an HOA present means that you are entitled to using the amenities provided to the community. At St. James’s, you’ll be able to travel on the walking trails and utilize the neighborhood parks. Not only do you have access to these exclusive trails and parks, but the HOA at St. James’s will ensure that these amenities are well kept and clear of snow and debris. We even go above and beyond in the winter to ensure the safety of our residents by plowing snow from the roads up to the nearest highway entrance.

Protection from Commercial Development

The St. James’s gated community is protected from commercial building and development. This means that big businesses aren’t allowed to come in and start building or developing in this area. Even though you may have to drive a little further to get groceries or grab a bite to eat, you’ll be away from all the heavy traffic and commotion of commercial areas. 

An Aesthetically Pleasing Neighborhood

HOA’s are responsible for maintaining the beauty of your neighborhood by upholding residents and their homes to certain standards. They require that broken fences be repaired, lawns be maintained, weeds be kept back, and all other necessary steps to retain your home be carried out. Having the uniformity of an HOA does not mean that every home looks the same, each home in our gated community is unique, but all of our homes are kept to the same standards of maintenance and general up-keep. Our entire community is groomed to be an appealing and peaceful neighborhood for you and your family to live in. 

The St. James HOA Is Here For YOU

The Homeowners’ Association at Saint James’s Village works to fortify the community. As a community member, you will live in complete security with St. James HOA benefits that are created to represent your needs. We pride ourselves in being a family community of neighbors who strive to live in a cohesive environment.

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