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St. James’s Village: A Distinct Reno Gated Community

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Gated community living affords a distinct and bespoke lifestyle experience that enhances the joys of home owning. St. James’s Village represents the pinnacle of the Reno-Lake Tahoe gated community experience. They do this by enhancing your connection with nature, ensuring your safety, and affording you a customizable, bespoke living experience.

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A gated community with a convenient connection to nature

Reno gated communities are often situated in unremarkable and increasingly urban locals; with St. James’s this is no longer the case. This master planned community proudly nestles itself at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain rage amongst the pines of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. St. James’s Village’s proximity to nature and natural splendors like Lake Tahoe are convenient distinguishing factors sure to enhance your lifestyle.

Safety and protection guaranteed

Safety is often an utmost concern amongst homeowners and you can literally sleep soundly knowing that St. James’s gated community in Reno-Lake Tahoe is quiet, tranquil, and protected from unwanted visitors.

The homeowners association’s protections extend beyond simple crime prevention, serving to preserve not only the integrity of the development, but the integrity of your lifetime investment as well. The financial condition of the Association is sound with reserves more than adequate to cover all replacement items within St. James’ Village.

Bespoke and customizable gated community experience

Just as you conveniently increase your connection with nature and ensure the safety of your person and investment, know that St. James’s dedicates itself to the realization of your own bespoke, customizable, lifestyle experience. Avoid the drudgery of suburban tract home living with the distinct benefit of crafting your own personalized home from the foundation up.

With numerous lots and building options available you may now distinguish yourself as a homeowner of discerning taste, not only separate from your suburban neighbors, but separate from those who reside in other, standard Reno gated communities.

It is the combination of the convenient connection with nature, the assurance of safety and the opportunity for a bespoke living experience that affords residents a rarified country elegance and a high quality of living within St. James’s Village.

If you are interested in living in a Reno or Lake Tahoe gated community, be sure to contact us.

Envision Your Dream Home

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