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Things to Consider When You’re Thinking of Moving to a New State

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Things to Consider When You’re Thinking of Moving to a New State

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Moving to a new state can be a scary decision to make, but this hasn’t stopped more people across the U.S. to take the plunge. With the recent pandemic, many adults and families have been forced to seek other opportunities that have led some to a new city or state. As a growing technology epicenter,

Reno and Lake Tahoe Winter Activities

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St. James’s Village is the perfect master planned community hub for winter activities and fun events throughout Reno and Lake Tahoe. With activities for the whole family, winter in Northern Nevada is one of the best seasons of the year. So tug on those gloves, wrap up your scarves and get out this winter! From

St. James’s Village: A Distinct Reno Gated Community

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Gated community living affords a distinct and bespoke lifestyle experience that enhances the joys of home owning. St. James’s Village represents the pinnacle of the Reno-Lake Tahoe gated community experience. They do this by enhancing your connection with nature, ensuring your safety, and affording you a customizable, bespoke living experience. Envision a Reno Custom Home

Winter Activities in Reno-Lake Tahoe

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St. James Village is the perfect hub for winter activities and fun in Reno-Tahoe. Whether snow is falling, or not, Reno-Tahoe is filled with activities that make winter one of the best seasons of the year. You don’t have to drive far to where there is snow, ice skating, winter performances, and beautiful scenery. Snow

Summer in Tahoe: Two Activities You Must Try

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  Where can you find an adventure park, complete with zip lines and rope bridges, and Shakespeare on the beach all in the same place? Why, Lake Tahoe, of course. With summer sputtering to a start in true Reno fashion, there’s no better time to prepare for the many fun and unique opportunities available right