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St. James’s HOA: What is an HOA?

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St. James’s HOA: What is an HOA?


There are many master-planned communities and gated communities that operate with governing homeowners’ associations. While most people try to avoid living in a neighborhood with an HOA present, they offer many benefits to its members and are intended to help improve the community for all. Fortunately, all members of our gated community receive the full

Benefits of St. James’s Village

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We are in love with our gated community of new homes that lies between the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas and we believe you should love it as much as we do. If you are looking for a new community to be a part of, St James Village might be the perfect fit! There are

St. James Lifestyle

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As you look for gated communities to live in, no matter what time of life you are in, there are certain factors that are more important than others. Depending on the person, these factors might be the school systems near the neighborhood, safety, or home customizability. Wherever you go, the lifestyle of the community will

Living the St. James Lifestyle in Reno and Lake Tahoe

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 St. James’s Village offers its residents an exciting mix of two wonderful worlds. The gated community is close enough to a large city to take advantage of all the benefits of a Reno lifestyle. Meanwhile, it’s far enough from the busy city streets so you can enjoy all the advantages of living close to nature.

It’s Summertime in Northwestern Nevada

The snow has melted, schools are closed, and family adventure awaits! In the heart of northwestern Nevada, Reno, is a cornucopia of activity and offers something for everyone. It’s home to world-class dining, arts, music, sports and all sorts of outdoor fun … no matter what the season. If you’ve never been to northwestern Nevada